DuragGrain Woods Colors Vinyl Fencing

Our weathered grain looks kind of greenish, then there’s the cedar grain and the rustic grain which is the darkest of them all almost a brick red color.

All Vinyl Fences, Awnings, and Patio’s are Not the Same!

DuraMax formulates its vinyl to withstand the harsh sun. They use higher proportion of Titanium Dioxide as well as special UV inhibitors and modifiers called DuraResin and is the only one that has been engineered as the best product in the market today! Call 951-735-3500 for a FREE estimate! ¬†When’s the last time you really looked at your fence? Your fence is constantly exposed to the elements which ages and rots the wood. Choose durable, low-maintenance fence that never needs repainting or replacing.

Is Your Fence Ready For Fall & Winter

Summer has ended, but you can still get your garden ready for Fall and Winter now! Here are some great tips to enjoy the outdoors. Contact Us Today About Our DuraGrain Fences & DuraWood Fences

Are you looking for security in 2015?

Our vinyl fences besides adding curb appeal can offer more privacy and security to your home. Call 951-735-3500 and speak to one of our experts about color choices, accessories, and our Life Time Warranty.

Benefits Of Duragrain Fences

How often have you painted and sealed your fence? Experts advise every year. Does your neighbor do the same? When you factor in the cost of a new fence You SAVE with Vinyl! No maintenance, no rot, no repair, no replacement, and lifetime warranty. Call 951-735-3500 for a Free No Hassle Quote! DURAGRAIN FENCES