Facts About Duramax

Why We Sell Dura Max Vinyl Products:

1)     Dura Resin

        Our Proprietary DuraResin vinyl is designed for the Hot

        Southwestern sun and has been used

         in many of our outdoor products since 1987. Dura Resin

        contains over 12 PARTS PER


        SUNSCREEN and highly perfected

        UV inhibitors and modifiers, so you can be sure you’re getting

        the highest quality vinyl

        designed to give you a permanent solution for all your fencing



2)     Route and Lock Construction

        All of our Vinyl fencing is built by routing and interlocking the

        different parts together. Routed

        and interlocked members will never pull apart or fail. When you

        buy our product, you truly get a

        maintenance free fence.


3)    We Do Not Mix Regrind in Our Materials

We only use the highest quality virgin vinyl materials in our

        residential fencing……..never any regrinds or run offs from other

        vinyl products. That’s how we guarantee a durable fence that

        won’t warp, bow, crack, or deteriorate for the life of your fence.


4)    Thick Walls for Strengh and Durability

The walls of DuraMax Vinyl fence materials are thick for strengh

        and durability. Thicker walled materials eliminate problems like

        cracking, sagging, and warping over the life of the product and

guarantee a truly maintenance free fence.


Additionally, our vinyl is co-extruded to maximize strengh and

durability. As you will see our vinyl is actually comprised of

two layers. The top surface layer known as the “Capstock”

is specially formulated with the best UV resistance properties

to resist yellowing. and the inner layer (substrate) is built

for high rigidity, which means that our vinyl is the strongest

available and will not warp.


In case you are wondering ” Is co-extrusion really necessary ?

why can’t there just be one layer? One single layer cannot have

both theUV protection needed against the intense Southwest

sun, along with maximum strengh and rigidity. The chemical

composition to achieve those 2 results are different.